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Fans love a good live show !


Create an intimate live music experience and get your songs professionally recorded in multitrack audio (as many takes as the studio time allows) ready for digital release and radio play.

Showcase your work remotely, make your performance accessible to all, open new ways to build a fanbase and make a living from your music. We provide you with professional audio and two videos sources to give you and your fans the best possible experience.

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  • 3 hrs. studio time ( 1 hr. prep and 2 hr. recording time)

  • 16 channel live multitrack recording

  • World-class gear and microphones

  • Experienced audio engineer / producer

  • Mixing on 3 song

  • Mastering of 3 song

  • 2 videos sources recording

  • Lighting

  • Screen for visuals

  • Recorded material

$ 10,800 mxn


1. Guitars. Check the list of guitars we have for you here
2. Professional video & photos
3. Edited video

Get your project not only sounding amazing but looking incredible too!

Film your live session with a professional videographer and stand out from the crowd.

We offer a wide range of audio and visual services to create more online presence for your social media plataforms.

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